Wow! I was thoroughly engrossed in this work.  From the first sentence to the last, I was completely invested in what happened to Rachael and Nicky.  It was like I knew them. They were close friends and I felt their losses. I was overjoyed at their successes.  I couldn’t side with one or the other when they disagreed or argued.  They were my friends and I loved them both. I could understand them both completely.  I was equally engrossed in their other relationships and their world.

This is a testament to the skill with which, author, Rana Kelly presents these characters and their world.  She is obviously a voice that deserves a much, much wider audience.  Maya Angelou once said that “easy reading is damned hard writing”.  And, if that is truly the case, Rana Kelly definitely puts in the labor to make her pages easily digestible. The dialogue is realistic, the settings are fully fleshed out and every character seems to be standing right in the room with the reader. Likewise, the business jargon doesn’t sound like someone just did research and wants to drop the proper terms onto the page. It reads as though real professionals are discussing their work under normal circumstances. I can’t say enough about the talent of this author.

Until Her Darkness Goes was presented to me as a “Rock Novel”.  But I have always felt that such labels are often limiting.  I know that they can be necessary for marketing or even to ensure sales in certain genres.  However, this book is a prime example of a work that presents characters that are fully relatable to anyone who appreciates strong characterization.  They just happen to work within a specific industry.  I personally have an interest in the music industry, but even if you don’t, you will find a lot to love about this book.  I cannot recommend it enough. I loved every page.

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