Is it really so difficult to grasp the concept that a person can stand in total support of Law Enforcement but still ask that individual members of said group be held responsible for and receive appropriate consequences for wrongdoings? In fact, it seems illogical to even SAY that you support Law Enforcement and at the same time to condone the presence of corrupt and murderous individuals among their numbers; staining the whole with their mere existence. Having worked closely with some of the best officers this country has to offer for three years in Savannah, GA, I’m more than aware of the utter chaos that our lives would be without the presence of police officers. Likewise, when I’m not creating art or writing down what the voices in my head are saying, I’m spending 12.25 hours a day “protecting the general public” from inmates. I get it. I also understand the need to eliminate corruption and stop overshadowing the efforts of the large number of good officers with good intentions in this country. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp that the deaths of unarmed and/ or restrained African-American men at the hands of police officers were unwarranted. One simply has to try. Be blessed . . .


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